How to choose a motocross deco kit

Published on : 16 April 20213 min reading time
Almost all motocross riders or enthusiasts adapt their personality to their motorbikes. The customisation of two-wheelers is done by transforming the body colour according to their team category and competitions. Also, it is possible to buy special motocross stickers which are called deco kits. Deco kits are easy to install and remove. It is easier to use this type of decoration for those who love speed on two wheels. Before choosing a deco kit, it is advisable to find out more about the subject.

Know your motorbike

The first step to take before choosing a deco kit is to find out the year the motorbike was put on the road. In order not to make any mistakes, it is advisable to note the chassis number. To do this you can refer to some websites which already have a drawn-up list. Simply check the number to find out the date of registration. In case the number is not displayed on the list, it is important to make an appointment with a dealer of the brand to find theinformation and avoid all types of mistakes. 

In addition to the year of issue, it is important to know the exact model. The best method is to check on a website or to contact a dealer directly. Enthusiasts can choose deco kits from different brands. If you have a Ktm motorbike, it is possible to choose from the Ktm deco kit pack. In fact, motorcyclists are really induldged, being able to choose from a wide range of complete kits offered by the manufacturers.

A customised and personalised kit

A kit adapted to a motorbike allows you to personalise its design and appearance. The kit is easy to fit and remove. It is characterised by adhesive vinyls placed on small self-adhesive films. To decorate the motorbike, you simply stick each plate one by one in the desired places. Often enthusiasts like to change the design. The vinyls are easy to remove and they do not damage the body paint. The use of a hairdryer is recommended for easy removal of the vinyl. Also, the complete ktm deco kit pack allows to preserve the quality of the original motocross paint.

For a fully customised kit, instructions are advised during delivery. Checking the fitment details is appreciable. Also, it is notable to validate the kit brand, contour cut and individual colours.

All about the Motocross Deco Kit

By customising your motorbike, you stand out from your opponents and competitors. The motorbike becomes unique. The ktm exc deco kit allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of having a customised decoration. When buying the kit, every detail is important. Just like the kit designer, the colours, film types and logo are also important. Before buying a ktm exc deco kit, the choice of film type should not be overlooked. The gluing is essential and is carried out in several stages. It is possible to choose between dry and wet bonding.

The life span of the kits should be taken into consideration. Generally, a complete kit can last for more than ten years. Vinyls do not fade easily when the laminate has UV protection. Sometimes the vinyl sheets are protected with clear lacquers. It is advisable to opt for these types of kits. For many enthusiasts, the “optics” option is paramount when choosing a kit. It depends on your taste but it is possible to co-opt between gloss and matt.

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