Motorbike taxis: a growing trend

The socio-economic crisis has weakened state intervention in priority sectors such as public transport since the early 1990s. This disengagement has resulted in the closure of some transport companies. As a result, the affected populations have integrated the motorbike into…

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How to choose a 125cc motorbike

Many motorists are tempted by the idea of going for a 125cc motorbike. This is a step that should not be taken lightly by those who want to start their motorbike adventures. And for a good reason, this charming cylinder…

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How to choose a motocross deco kit

Almost all motocross riders or enthusiasts adapt their personality to their motorbikes. The customisation of two-wheelers is done by transforming the body colour according to their team category and competitions. Also, it is possible to buy special motocross stickers which…

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How to buy a used motorbike

Buying a second-hand motorbike can be of interest to many people. However, such a purchase involves many surprises that can be unfavourable. In order to avoid the risks that can lead to your loss, it is essential to consider some…

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