How to choose a 125cc motorbike

Published on : 16 April 20214 min reading time
Many motorists are tempted by the idea of going for a 125cc motorbike. This is a step that should not be taken lightly by those who want to start their motorbike adventures. And for a good reason, this charming cylinder will give you a maximum of sensation and make your daily journeys easier. But as with any purchase, there are certain criteria to consider when choosing a motorcycle.

The motorbike’s budget

According to some 125cc motorbike professionals, it is preferable to start your adventure with a second-hand bike. This alternative will allow you to lighten your budget, whether it be for the purchase or the insurance premium. If you can afford it, finding a used 125cc motorbike will work in your favour. These have the advantage of being fully under warranty, they are armed to the teeth and they can perform the functions of a new motorbike. The point is that you will have to consider your budget. Once you have done that, you will be spoilt for choice. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the killer looks or the technical specifications. A motorbike is chosen according to its price, but also according to its engine. As far as 125c motorbikes are concerned, it is mainly the four and two-stroke engines that compete on the market. Only those that comply with the strictest emission standards are entitled to the credit. Note that two-stroke engines are the most efficient, but it is rare to find a second-hand model.

The motorbike’s engine

As mentioned before, you can choose between the 125cc two-stroke and four-stroke motorbike. The former is particularly suited to those who want to spice up their adventures. The 125 cc two-stroke is nervous and powerful. That’s why it’s similar to a sport-motorbike. These bikes are easy to recognise with their moped-like sounds and the smell of their fumes. They are especially appreciated for their beastly power. For this reason, many manufacturers give them the characters of a pointed or hollow motorbike. Generally speaking, they add spice to the ride, but their ultra-powerful nature requires technical expertise to master. The minor concern is that these bikes often require a lot of attention to maintenance. This is because their oil levels and engine performance must be monitored frequently. Also, these internal components such as pistons and connecting rods need to be replaced on a regular basis. On the other hand, the 125cc four-stroke is better suited to the thrifty, as they consume less oil and fuel. They are often available in several architectures, namely single and twin cylinder. Like the 125cc two-stroke, the four-stroke engine is quieter and requires no complex maintenance. They are also more advanced with liquid cooling. On the other hand, they are much larger and heavier.

A point on ergonomics

The size and shape of the 125cc motorbike are the ergonomic criteria that immediately jump out at you. Instead of focusing on the design of the motorbike, you should think about your body shape first. No one wants to ride a motorbike that makes them feel uncomfortable. For this reason, 125cc custom motorbikes are best suited to shorter riders. But apart from size, other ergonomic factors such as the seat are also important. The higher the seat, the more difficult it is to reach the pedals in case of a problem. The width of the handlebars is another criterion that should not be neglected. Usually 125cc sports motorbikes are equipped with “bracelet” handlebars which tend to tilt the riding position forward. On the road this is not a problem, but in the city, this can cause an accident. That’s why motorbikers tend to go for 125cc bikes with wide handlebars. While these types of handlebars are generous to your chest, they penalise bikers with a short stature, and thus require you to be alert. It would be wise to try out several 125cc motorbikes before buying one.

Number of cylinders

The number of cylinders a 125cc bike possesses is an even more important criterion for choice. While it seems logical to think that one cylinder is enough to ride, many manufacturers recommend a twin-cylinder motorbike. Among other things, this is an even more efficient technical choice. They have the advantage of being more virulent with a top speed that is more resistant to shocks and wear. Twin-cylinders are therefore more popular with those who want to ride a duo or have fun on a fast track. Weight and manufacturing costs are only specific criteria, although they may be important to some riders. Overall the 125cc motorbike is best suited to those who like adventure and want to spice up their rides.

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