If you have a motorcycle, you have the possibility to install a top case on the back. This device is very advantageous especially if you want to transport materials safely or to put your second helmet in it if you make long trips. Also, it is an additional space to store things if the glove box and the trunk are not enough for you anymore. There are many models on the market.

The importance of choosing a topcase

It is important to choose the right topcase for your motorcycle to avoid unpleasant surprises during installation or when you take it on the road. The device is installed on the rear part of your motorcycle, usually attached to the spoiler of the latter. In addition to its position, its weight will have an impact on the handling of your machine. The weight distribution will be modified because the center of gravity of the motorcycle is moved. Also, if it is too heavy, the support may bend under the effect of the weight. It is important to note that a motorcycle has a maximum load limit which is mentioned on the registration document. If the top case is too big for your motorcycle, you will not be comfortable when you are on the road because the aerodynamics will be bad. Feel free to visit bmw.europe-moto.com for more information if you are looking for a BMW Motorcycle Top case.

The different types of topcase

The models of topcase differ by their volume. In general, you can choose between 20 to 50 L. Attached to the back of your motorcycle, you can refrain from wearing it when you ride by putting your stuff inside the topcase. The topcases are generally waterproof and have a lock. For more comfort, some models have a quality backrest for more comfort. The passenger will be well secured in the back like with the BMW Motorcycle Top case.

Criteria to consider before buying a topcase

The method of attachment, lock, style, waterproofing and security are among the criteria to consider when choosing a top case for your motorcycle. Choose a mount that is compatible with your motorcycle, using the motorcycle's rigid components. For added safety, choose models that have reflectors on the back so that you can always be seen by other road users. Check the waterproofness of the device so that water cannot enter if it rains.