Buying guide: how to choose your motorcycle pants?

Published on : 25 March 20213 min reading time

The motorcycle pants are a real biker equipment essential for any use of the two wheels. Know that it is not just a pair of pants. There are different types: textile, leather, jeans, for winter, summer, waterproof, approved… How to choose your motorcycle pants? Certain numbers of criteria must be taken into account: protection, style, comfort, budget.

The different materials of motorcycle pants

To choose well a motorcycle pants, you have to know the different model which corresponds best to your needs. For the leather motorcycle pants, it offers an optimal protection in case of fall, especially when it has reinforcements. It is therefore the preferable model for long journeys or high speed riding. However, it is less comfortable to wear than its textile counterparts. The latter offers an effective security. In addition, textile motorcycle pants are lighter, more flexible and comfortable. It is often well suited to low temperatures with the help of a removable lining. The most versatile of the motorcycle pants is the denim model. You can use them for everyday activities without needing to change. These highly innovative composites also offer maximum protection. You might find more information  about the BMW Motorcycle Pants online.

How to choose your motorcycle pants?

To effectively protect yourself on your two-wheeler whether it is a BMW Motorcycle Pants or a scooter, it is important to choose motorcycle pants that are abrasion resistant. They should also be equipped with protective shells, at least to protect the knees and hip from the force of an impact. For this reason, you should choose a CE approved model. Its properties have been tested and guarantee you maximum protection. Please note that some models include only the provisions for the shells, but they are sold separately. It is also necessary to take into account the waterproofness of a motorcycle pant, especially in the bad season or on long distances.

Other criteria for buying motorcycle pants

If you use your BMW Motorcycle Pants every day, it is essential to count the comfort options. Check the gusseted area at the bottom of the legs. It should be able to cover large shoes or motorcycle boots. Make sure there are elastics and straps under the feet to keep the pants in place. It is also important to choose the right size, because it can change according to the different brands.

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