What precautions should be taken when riding a motorbike in winter?

Winterization does not mean that you should not ride your motorbike at all during the winter. There are times when you have to take your motorbike out of the garage and get on the road despite the cold, snow and…

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How to ride a motorbike on a motorway

Riding a motorbike requires more attention than driving a car, as it uses the same lanes as the car. Surprisingly, motorbike riding on the motorway is statistically safer than driving on the road, especially as there are no cars coming…

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Why take a motorbike-driving course?

Signing up for a driving course is important. Indeed, a motorbike driving course has many advantages, such as mastering all the specific driving formalities, gaining or regaining confidence, improving your technique… or why not simply have fun? To help reduce…

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Motorbikes: what precautions should be taken in the rain?

The risk of an accident is high when riding a motorbike in the rain. In the wet season, it is essential to take precautions to minimise the risk of accidents when riding in the rain. Choice of clothing and equipment…

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