Motorcycle accessories

Which Top Case to choose for your motorcycle?

If you have a motorcycle, you have the possibility to install a top case on the back. This device is very advantageous especially if you want to transport materials safely or to put your second helmet in it if you…

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Motorcycle jacket : which material to choose ?

The jacket is an essential element of the biker. It constitutes a thermal bulwark which is additional against the cold and it also contributes to the protection. There are several types of motorcycle jacket materials such as textile and leather….

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Buying guide: how to choose your motorcycle pants?

The motorcycle pants are a real biker equipment essential for any use of the two wheels. Know that it is not just a pair of pants. There are different types: textile, leather, jeans, for winter, summer, waterproof, approved… How to…

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Should you choose your motorcycle gloves according to the season?

Since 2013, gloves have been mandatory for the A or A2 license exam, according to Decree 2016-1232 in the Official Journal. They help protect your hands from slipping on the ground in case of an accident. Apart from this safety…

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Road motorbike? What kind of boots do you need?

Motorcycle boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you should have for your safety on a motorcycle. With this equipment, your body will be protected against the shocks that you may suffer following an accident. With…

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