Motorcycle jacket : which material to choose ?

Published on : 25 March 20212 min reading time

The jacket is an essential element of the biker. It constitutes a thermal bulwark which is additional against the cold and it also contributes to the protection. There are several types of motorcycle jacket materials such as textile and leather. But which material to choose?

The usefulness of motorcycle jacket

The motorcycle jacket is an essential and basic equipment, which is part of the panoply of typical bikers. It is a protective garment and also a thermal barrier against the cold that is more or less effective, depending on its protection. As in the BMW Motorcycle Jacket collection, the motorcycle jacket protects the rider from bad weather like wind or rain and from external projections like gravel or insects. Click on this page for more information.

Criteria and technical characteristics

Before making an impulse purchase, it is necessary to think, to take into account your future use as short urban trips, long trips. For this, you must take the time to choose your motorcycle jacket. You must take into account comfort, ergonomics and ease of use such as waist adjustment, gusseting, weight according to your physiognomy, visibility when riding at night or in fog, internal equipment such as the number of pockets and options for use according to the season and climatic environment, ventilation, waterproofing and safety.

The different types of jackets

With the BMW Motorcycle Jacket collection, there are several types of jackets, including leather, textile and synthetic. Par excellence in terms, leather is a master of biker safety, for its resistance, its robustness during a fall. Leather equipment is the most expensive investment. The motorcycle leather jacket needs an annual feeding and a regular maintenance to guarantee its health. Besides, the two most common textiles on the motorcycle equipment market are mesh and cordura. You will find other products from better manufacturers, with a product composition etymology. Currently, textile jackets are evolving technically, but are still less resistant than leather, especially to friction on the asphalt and the abrasion test. On the other hand, synthetics are made of nylon thread. This type of jacket is not recommended. The material melts mechanical friction and can therefore cause serious damage in a fall.

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