The socio-economic crisis has weakened state intervention in priority sectors such as public transport since the early 1990s. This disengagement has resulted in the closure of some transport companies. As a result, the affected populations have integrated the motorbike into public transport. To date, motorbike taxis are still gaining ground. The motorbike taxi is a service specialising in the transport of people by motorbike. These are motorcyclists who offer the 'motorbike taxi' service.

What are motorbike taxi services really about?

First of all, it is a professional who provides his customers with two-wheeled or often three-wheeled motorbikes with a motorcyclist in order to transport them and their luggage, in accordance with the conditions agreed in advance between the parties. These motorbike taxi services are especially appreciated by sales representatives and company executives for their business trips. To do this, the motorbike taxi must offer a luggage transport service, a fleet of quality motorbike taxis, experienced drivers and impeccable safety and comfort. The motorcycle taxi is generally subject to very strict comfort and safety standards to the same extent as a VTC driver company or a traditional taxi company. In addition, this type of service is often provided by transport companies with fleets of motorbikes dedicated to the transport of people, and it is approved to connect different points across major cities. 

Why are motorbike taxis said to be a growing trend?

Motorbike taxis are gaining ground because of the many advantages they offer. For example, thanks to the geolocation of motorbike taxis and a thorough understanding of logistics, it is possible to respond favourably to last-minute bookings from customers. And it is no longer only professionals who demand this type of transport, but also private individuals. The motorbike taxi driver, like any other professional driver, ensures the safety of his passengers. Motorbike taxis are already equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of the passenger and the motorcyclist. The models used are increasingly pleasant and efficient. Moreover, comfort and safety are two essential conditions to ensure customer satisfaction. The two main advantages of the motorbike taxi are speed and time saving. It is like the ideal means of transport.

Is this activity legal?

The profession of motorbike taxi is indeed highly regulated by law, but in any case, this activity is legal. The driver is simply obliged to inform passengers about the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their journeys. It should also be noted that motorbike taxis must not park, drive or stop on the public highway, at the entrance to airports and train stations, in search of customers. Motorbike taxis should not pick up a customer on the public highway unless they have a prior reservation. Electronic marauding is forbidden and then, every driver must follow a continuous training course every 5 years, given by an approved training centre, and sanctioned by the issue of a certificate. Finally, the driver must hold a professional card issued by the Prefect of Police, under certain conditions.

What about the characteristics of the motorbike?

For some people, using a motorbike taxi is more advantageous. The law has left nothing to chance with regard to this activity and has clearly specified the rules in force, as well as the characteristics of motorbikes. First of all, the setting of fares is free, unlike car taxis, where the prices are fixed. But it should be noted that if the motorcyclist does not meet the conditions dictated by the law or the vehicle does not meet the legal requirements, the service company runs the risk of paying fines. Otherwise, the motorbikes must be equipped with a sign and must also be less than 5 years old. In addition, an annual maintenance certificate is required. In order to guarantee two-wheeled transport, the legal text has clearly defined the characteristics required in motorbikes. The law also prescribes a number of conditions related to motorbike drivers. Motorbike taxis are a convenient transport alternative for most people who travel frequently in the city, regardless of their causes. They are widely used in many countries around the world. Companies specialising in the field offer reliable and quality services. And thanks to technological advances, it is possible to contact them directly on the Internet. In fact, all you have to do is to look for one on the google search engine.