Should you choose your motorcycle gloves according to the season?

Published on : 25 March 20212 min reading time

Since 2013, gloves have been mandatory for the A or A2 license exam, according to Decree 2016-1232 in the Official Journal. They help protect your hands from slipping on the ground in case of an accident. Apart from this safety reason, a pair of gloves also ensures the protection of your hands against the weather. To do this, select the right gloves for the season for your comfort and safety on the road.

Winter: gloves protect you from the cold and rain

For better control of the motorcycle, it is essential to wear gloves during the winter. There are two types of gloves on the market, winter gloves and heated gloves. On the one hand, winter gloves are thick equipment with insulating and breathable layers and membranes. They protect your hands from the cold and rain thanks to their waterproofness. On the other hand, if you have to ride under 5°C, heated gloves are for you. As the name suggests, this equipment is connected to the motorcycle’s battery to heat your hands. To learn more about motorcycle gloves like BMW Motorcycle gloves, you can visit websites.

Choosing gloves for summer

In order to ensure good sequestration while being sturdy in case of slipping, your gloves should limit sweating. They should also be ventilated. Generally, the most ventilated gloves are made of ventilated canvas (mesh), with leather backups. You can also find on the market gloves with 100% leather materials. They are thinner to keep your hands warm in the summer. To make the right choice of a pair of gloves during this season, it is best to look for gloves with leather and mesh construction. Look for a pair of gloves like the BMW Motorcycle gloves brand, with a leather palm and mesh top. These gloves for summer are not necessarily waterproof.

A pair of mid-season gloves: to keep you safe

Like BMW Motorcycle gloves, mid-season gloves are accessories for urban use. These gloves do the best service between the two seasons (summer and winter). That’s why they are called mid-season gloves. They can keep your hands warm when the sun goes down. These products usually have breathable, insulating and waterproof layers. Each of these layers ensures your comfort against heat and rain.

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