Which country for a motorbike road-trip?

Published on : 16 April 20213 min reading time
Tempted by motorbike adventures? All along the French coast, you’ll follow the right routes with the mountains and massifs in full view. From the highest point in the north to the furthest point from the sunset, you won’t miss the most beautiful roads for a road-trip. France, with its various assets, is the country where you want to be for a motorbike road-trip; no need to go further.

The whole country on the road

The country’s Alpine motorbike road trip destination offers an uninterrupted route with frequent curves along the way. Riders will have several routes to choose from without having to deal with campervans during the summer months. You just need to choose your address carefully. From North to South, all the roads are excellent: Thonon, Beaufort, Val d’Isère and Jausiers. Among the beautiful motorbike road trip destinations are the Cévennes with its varied landscape, the Millau and the regional park as well as Corsica, which is another crazy road to the rider.

Not to forget the famous high mountains of the Pyrenees on the Mediterranean, extending to the Atlantic. The region also offers the most beautiful shores of the country. For an adventure in committee or in convoy, you have options of stopovers on unmissable addresses. Then you have the Massif Central, still with a view of the mountains, but not as high as the Alps. Not to mention the Pyrenees with its culinary assets, as well as the little benches of the Auvergnes.

Choosing the right motorbike

When riding in the mountains and valleys, bring only what you need. You have the option of accommodation at the foot of the slopes, which is more than enough to admire the stunning views of the region. For fun on a long road, choose the Harley Davidson. To ride through the beautiful mountains of the country on a motorbike road-trip, go for a Yamaha or KTM endure, not to mention road motorbikes for Sunday rides.

More fun rides

Jura also offers its massif, with plenty of coolness amidst the forest winds in the hot season. For a good motorbike road trip for the committee in the country, do not hesitate to pass to the East of France, towards the Ballon d’Alsace and the Vosges of clean and viral roads. The vast expanse of the country reveals pleasant attractions, especially for motorbike road trip adventures.

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