Which itinerary for a motorbike tour in the mountains?

Published on : 16 April 20212 min reading time
Are you a motorcyclist who wants to try a tour in the mountains? You have several route options. Here are two routes to explore if you’re in the Tarn or Isère Department.

The Pic De Nore Circuit in the Tarn

This mountain motorbike tour route starting from Mazamet promises a diversion to the Cathar town of Hautpoul and the famous Lac des Montagnés. You will also have the opportunity to follow the “factory road” and discover the history of the former world capital of Delaine in the 19th century. During your ride on two wheels, you will not only tackle small roads in the forest, but also wide roads with excellent curves. Finally, you will find yourself on the Pic de Nore, which is the highest point of the circuit, at around 1211 m. Once there, you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.

A motorbike ride in Grenoble

If you are in the Isère Department, or more precisely in Grenoble, you can go to Alpe d’Huez. Start with the 49 km (about 1 hour) ride to Allemont. Once there, take time to enjoy the mountains in the Eau d’Olle Valley and the nature around the Lac du Verney. Afterwards, get back on your motorbike to Villard-Reculas. This resort, located in the heart of the Grand Rousses, will also allow you to admire the beauty of nature. Finally, ride to Alpe d’Huez. You will surely notice the presence of many people looking for an unforgettable adventure in both summer and winter. You can take the opportunity to nibble on the good food offered by the restaurants in the area.

Bonus: tips for preparing a motorbike ride

The success of your motorbike ride in the mountains depends on several factors. Firstly, you need to check your motorbike to avoid breakdowns on the way. For example, take the time to check the brakes, tyres, engine, oil, etc. Also, don’t forget to bring a first aid bag, a repair kit in case of breakdown and a map to avoid getting lost. Don’t forget to bring water and food, especially if you plan to ride for hours. Finally, make sure your papers are in order to avoid problems with the authorities.

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