If you have a motorcycle, you have the possibility to install a top case on the back. This device is very advantageous especially if you want to transport materials safely or to put your second helmet in it if you make long trips. Also, it is an additional space to store things if the glove box and the trunk are not enough for you anymore. There are many models on the market.

The importance of choosing a topcase

It is important to choose the right topcase for your motorcycle to avoid unpleasant surprises during installation or when you take it on the road. The device is installed on the rear part of your motorcycle, usually attached to the spoiler of the latter. In addition to its position, its weight will have an impact on the handling of your machine. The weight distribution will be modified because the center of gravity of the motorcycle is moved. Also, if it is too heavy, the support may bend under the effect of the weight.

It is important to note that a motorcycle has a maximum load limit which is mentioned on the registration document. If the top case is too big for your motorcycle, you will not be comfortable when you are on the road because the aerodynamics will be bad. Feel free to visit bmw.europe-moto.com for more information if you are looking for a BMW Motorcycle Top case.

The different types of topcase

The models of topcase differ by their volume. In general, you can choose between 20 to 50 L. Attached to the back of your motorcycle, you can refrain from wearing it when you ride by putting your stuff inside the topcase. The topcases are generally waterproof and have a lock. For more comfort, some models have a quality backrest for more comfort. The passenger will be well secured in the back like with the BMW Motorcycle Top case.

Criteria to consider before buying a topcase

The method of attachment, lock, style, waterproofing and security are among the criteria to consider when choosing a top case for your motorcycle. Choose a mount that is compatible with your motorcycle, using the motorcycle’s rigid components. For added safety, choose models that have reflectors on the back so that you can always be seen by other road users. Check the waterproofness of the device so that water cannot enter if it rains.

The jacket is an essential element of the biker. It constitutes a thermal bulwark which is additional against the cold and it also contributes to the protection. There are several types of motorcycle jacket materials such as textile and leather. But which material to choose?

The usefulness of motorcycle jacket

The motorcycle jacket is an essential and basic equipment, which is part of the panoply of typical bikers. It is a protective garment and also a thermal barrier against the cold that is more or less effective, depending on its protection. As in the BMW Motorcycle Jacket collection, the motorcycle jacket protects the rider from bad weather like wind or rain and from external projections like gravel or insects. Click on this page for more information.

Criteria and technical characteristics

Before making an impulse purchase, it is necessary to think, to take into account your future use as short urban trips, long trips. For this, you must take the time to choose your motorcycle jacket. You must take into account comfort, ergonomics and ease of use such as waist adjustment, gusseting, weight according to your physiognomy, visibility when riding at night or in fog, internal equipment such as the number of pockets and options for use according to the season and climatic environment, ventilation, waterproofing and safety.

The different types of jackets

With the BMW Motorcycle Jacket collection, there are several types of jackets, including leather, textile and synthetic. Par excellence in terms, leather is a master of biker safety, for its resistance, its robustness during a fall. Leather equipment is the most expensive investment. The motorcycle leather jacket needs an annual feeding and a regular maintenance to guarantee its health. Besides, the two most common textiles on the motorcycle equipment market are mesh and cordura. You will find other products from better manufacturers, with a product composition etymology. Currently, textile jackets are evolving technically, but are still less resistant than leather, especially to friction on the asphalt and the abrasion test. On the other hand, synthetics are made of nylon thread. This type of jacket is not recommended. The material melts mechanical friction and can therefore cause serious damage in a fall.

The motorcycle pants are a real biker equipment essential for any use of the two wheels. Know that it is not just a pair of pants. There are different types: textile, leather, jeans, for winter, summer, waterproof, approved… How to choose your motorcycle pants? Certain numbers of criteria must be taken into account: protection, style, comfort, budget.

The different materials of motorcycle pants

To choose well a motorcycle pants, you have to know the different model which corresponds best to your needs. For the leather motorcycle pants, it offers an optimal protection in case of fall, especially when it has reinforcements. It is therefore the preferable model for long journeys or high speed riding. However, it is less comfortable to wear than its textile counterparts. The latter offers an effective security. In addition, textile motorcycle pants are lighter, more flexible and comfortable. It is often well suited to low temperatures with the help of a removable lining. The most versatile of the motorcycle pants is the denim model. You can use them for everyday activities without needing to change. These highly innovative composites also offer maximum protection. You might find more information  about the BMW Motorcycle Pants online.

How to choose your motorcycle pants?

To effectively protect yourself on your two-wheeler whether it is a BMW Motorcycle Pants or a scooter, it is important to choose motorcycle pants that are abrasion resistant. They should also be equipped with protective shells, at least to protect the knees and hip from the force of an impact. For this reason, you should choose a CE approved model. Its properties have been tested and guarantee you maximum protection. Please note that some models include only the provisions for the shells, but they are sold separately. It is also necessary to take into account the waterproofness of a motorcycle pant, especially in the bad season or on long distances.

Other criteria for buying motorcycle pants

If you use your BMW Motorcycle Pants every day, it is essential to count the comfort options. Check the gusseted area at the bottom of the legs. It should be able to cover large shoes or motorcycle boots. Make sure there are elastics and straps under the feet to keep the pants in place. It is also important to choose the right size, because it can change according to the different brands.

Since 2013, gloves have been mandatory for the A or A2 license exam, according to Decree 2016-1232 in the Official Journal. They help protect your hands from slipping on the ground in case of an accident. Apart from this safety reason, a pair of gloves also ensures the protection of your hands against the weather. To do this, select the right gloves for the season for your comfort and safety on the road.

Winter: gloves protect you from the cold and rain

For better control of the motorcycle, it is essential to wear gloves during the winter. There are two types of gloves on the market, winter gloves and heated gloves. On the one hand, winter gloves are thick equipment with insulating and breathable layers and membranes. They protect your hands from the cold and rain thanks to their waterproofness. On the other hand, if you have to ride under 5°C, heated gloves are for you. As the name suggests, this equipment is connected to the motorcycle’s battery to heat your hands. To learn more about motorcycle gloves like BMW Motorcycle gloves, you can visit websites.

Choosing gloves for summer

In order to ensure good sequestration while being sturdy in case of slipping, your gloves should limit sweating. They should also be ventilated. Generally, the most ventilated gloves are made of ventilated canvas (mesh), with leather backups. You can also find on the market gloves with 100% leather materials. They are thinner to keep your hands warm in the summer. To make the right choice of a pair of gloves during this season, it is best to look for gloves with leather and mesh construction. Look for a pair of gloves like the BMW Motorcycle gloves brand, with a leather palm and mesh top. These gloves for summer are not necessarily waterproof.

A pair of mid-season gloves: to keep you safe

Like BMW Motorcycle gloves, mid-season gloves are accessories for urban use. These gloves do the best service between the two seasons (summer and winter). That’s why they are called mid-season gloves. They can keep your hands warm when the sun goes down. These products usually have breathable, insulating and waterproof layers. Each of these layers ensures your comfort against heat and rain.

The socio-economic crisis has weakened state intervention in priority sectors such as public transport since the early 1990s. This disengagement has resulted in the closure of some transport companies. As a result, the affected populations have integrated the motorbike into public transport. To date, motorbike taxis are still gaining ground. The motorbike taxi is a service specialising in the transport of people by motorbike. These are motorcyclists who offer the ‘motorbike taxi’ service.

What are motorbike taxi services really about?

First of all, it is a professional who provides his customers with two-wheeled or often three-wheeled motorbikes with a motorcyclist in order to transport them and their luggage, in accordance with the conditions agreed in advance between the parties. These motorbike taxi services are especially appreciated by sales representatives and company executives for their business trips. To do this, the motorbike taxi must offer a luggage transport service, a fleet of quality motorbike taxis, experienced drivers and impeccable safety and comfort. The motorcycle taxi is generally subject to very strict comfort and safety standards to the same extent as a VTC driver company or a traditional taxi company. In addition, this type of service is often provided by transport companies with fleets of motorbikes dedicated to the transport of people, and it is approved to connect different points across major cities. 

Why are motorbike taxis said to be a growing trend?

Motorbike taxis are gaining ground because of the many advantages they offer. For example, thanks to the geolocation of motorbike taxis and a thorough understanding of logistics, it is possible to respond favourably to last-minute bookings from customers. And it is no longer only professionals who demand this type of transport, but also private individuals. The motorbike taxi driver, like any other professional driver, ensures the safety of his passengers. Motorbike taxis are already equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of the passenger and the motorcyclist. The models used are increasingly pleasant and efficient. Moreover, comfort and safety are two essential conditions to ensure customer satisfaction. The two main advantages of the motorbike taxi are speed and time saving. It is like the ideal means of transport.

Is this activity legal?

The profession of motorbike taxi is indeed highly regulated by law, but in any case, this activity is legal. The driver is simply obliged to inform passengers about the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their journeys. It should also be noted that motorbike taxis must not park, drive or stop on the public highway, at the entrance to airports and train stations, in search of customers. Motorbike taxis should not pick up a customer on the public highway unless they have a prior reservation. Electronic marauding is forbidden and then, every driver must follow a continuous training course every 5 years, given by an approved training centre, and sanctioned by the issue of a certificate. Finally, the driver must hold a professional card issued by the Prefect of Police, under certain conditions.

What about the characteristics of the motorbike?

For some people, using a motorbike taxi is more advantageous. The law has left nothing to chance with regard to this activity and has clearly specified the rules in force, as well as the characteristics of motorbikes. First of all, the setting of fares is free, unlike car taxis, where the prices are fixed. But it should be noted that if the motorcyclist does not meet the conditions dictated by the law or the vehicle does not meet the legal requirements, the service company runs the risk of paying fines. Otherwise, the motorbikes must be equipped with a sign and must also be less than 5 years old. In addition, an annual maintenance certificate is required. In order to guarantee two-wheeled transport, the legal text has clearly defined the characteristics required in motorbikes. The law also prescribes a number of conditions related to motorbike drivers.

Motorbike taxis are a convenient transport alternative for most people who travel frequently in the city, regardless of their causes. They are widely used in many countries around the world. Companies specialising in the field offer reliable and quality services. And thanks to technological advances, it is possible to contact them directly on the Internet. In fact, all you have to do is to look for one on the google search engine.

Many motorists are tempted by the idea of going for a 125cc motorbike. This is a step that should not be taken lightly by those who want to start their motorbike adventures. And for a good reason, this charming cylinder will give you a maximum of sensation and make your daily journeys easier. But as with any purchase, there are certain criteria to consider when choosing a motorcycle.

The motorbike’s budget

According to some 125cc motorbike professionals, it is preferable to start your adventure with a second-hand bike. This alternative will allow you to lighten your budget, whether it be for the purchase or the insurance premium. If you can afford it, finding a used 125cc motorbike will work in your favour. These have the advantage of being fully under warranty, they are armed to the teeth and they can perform the functions of a new motorbike. The point is that you will have to consider your budget. Once you have done that, you will be spoilt for choice. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the killer looks or the technical specifications. A motorbike is chosen according to its price, but also according to its engine. As far as 125c motorbikes are concerned, it is mainly the four and two-stroke engines that compete on the market. Only those that comply with the strictest emission standards are entitled to the credit. Note that two-stroke engines are the most efficient, but it is rare to find a second-hand model.

The motorbike’s engine

As mentioned before, you can choose between the 125cc two-stroke and four-stroke motorbike. The former is particularly suited to those who want to spice up their adventures. The 125 cc two-stroke is nervous and powerful. That’s why it’s similar to a sport-motorbike. These bikes are easy to recognise with their moped-like sounds and the smell of their fumes. They are especially appreciated for their beastly power. For this reason, many manufacturers give them the characters of a pointed or hollow motorbike. Generally speaking, they add spice to the ride, but their ultra-powerful nature requires technical expertise to master. The minor concern is that these bikes often require a lot of attention to maintenance. This is because their oil levels and engine performance must be monitored frequently. Also, these internal components such as pistons and connecting rods need to be replaced on a regular basis. On the other hand, the 125cc four-stroke is better suited to the thrifty, as they consume less oil and fuel. They are often available in several architectures, namely single and twin cylinder. Like the 125cc two-stroke, the four-stroke engine is quieter and requires no complex maintenance. They are also more advanced with liquid cooling. On the other hand, they are much larger and heavier.

A point on ergonomics

The size and shape of the 125cc motorbike are the ergonomic criteria that immediately jump out at you. Instead of focusing on the design of the motorbike, you should think about your body shape first. No one wants to ride a motorbike that makes them feel uncomfortable. For this reason, 125cc custom motorbikes are best suited to shorter riders. But apart from size, other ergonomic factors such as the seat are also important. The higher the seat, the more difficult it is to reach the pedals in case of a problem. The width of the handlebars is another criterion that should not be neglected. Usually 125cc sports motorbikes are equipped with “bracelet” handlebars which tend to tilt the riding position forward. On the road this is not a problem, but in the city, this can cause an accident. That’s why motorbikers tend to go for 125cc bikes with wide handlebars. While these types of handlebars are generous to your chest, they penalise bikers with a short stature, and thus require you to be alert. It would be wise to try out several 125cc motorbikes before buying one.

Number of cylinders

The number of cylinders a 125cc bike possesses is an even more important criterion for choice. While it seems logical to think that one cylinder is enough to ride, many manufacturers recommend a twin-cylinder motorbike. Among other things, this is an even more efficient technical choice. They have the advantage of being more virulent with a top speed that is more resistant to shocks and wear. Twin-cylinders are therefore more popular with those who want to ride a duo or have fun on a fast track. Weight and manufacturing costs are only specific criteria, although they may be important to some riders. Overall the 125cc motorbike is best suited to those who like adventure and want to spice up their rides.

Almost all motocross riders or enthusiasts adapt their personality to their motorbikes. The customisation of two-wheelers is done by transforming the body colour according to their team category and competitions. Also, it is possible to buy special motocross stickers which are called deco kits. Deco kits are easy to install and remove. It is easier to use this type of decoration for those who love speed on two wheels. Before choosing a deco kit, it is advisable to find out more about the subject.

Know your motorbike

The first step to take before choosing a deco kit is to find out the year the motorbike was put on the road. In order not to make any mistakes, it is advisable to note the chassis number. To do this you can refer to some websites which already have a drawn-up list. Simply check the number to find out the date of registration. In case the number is not displayed on the list, it is important to make an appointment with a dealer of the brand to find theinformation and avoid all types of mistakes. 

In addition to the year of issue, it is important to know the exact model. The best method is to check on a website or to contact a dealer directly. Enthusiasts can choose deco kits from different brands. If you have a Ktm motorbike, it is possible to choose from the Ktm deco kit pack. In fact, motorcyclists are really induldged, being able to choose from a wide range of complete kits offered by the manufacturers.

A customised and personalised kit

A kit adapted to a motorbike allows you to personalise its design and appearance. The kit is easy to fit and remove. It is characterised by adhesive vinyls placed on small self-adhesive films. To decorate the motorbike, you simply stick each plate one by one in the desired places. Often enthusiasts like to change the design. The vinyls are easy to remove and they do not damage the body paint. The use of a hairdryer is recommended for easy removal of the vinyl. Also, the complete ktm deco kit pack allows to preserve the quality of the original motocross paint.

For a fully customised kit, instructions are advised during delivery. Checking the fitment details is appreciable. Also, it is notable to validate the kit brand, contour cut and individual colours.

All about the Motocross Deco Kit

By customising your motorbike, you stand out from your opponents and competitors. The motorbike becomes unique. The ktm exc deco kit allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of having a customised decoration. When buying the kit, every detail is important. Just like the kit designer, the colours, film types and logo are also important. Before buying a ktm exc deco kit, the choice of film type should not be overlooked. The gluing is essential and is carried out in several stages. It is possible to choose between dry and wet bonding.

The life span of the kits should be taken into consideration. Generally, a complete kit can last for more than ten years. Vinyls do not fade easily when the laminate has UV protection. Sometimes the vinyl sheets are protected with clear lacquers. It is advisable to opt for these types of kits. For many enthusiasts, the “optics” option is paramount when choosing a kit. It depends on your taste but it is possible to co-opt between gloss and matt.

Buying a second-hand motorbike can be of interest to many people. However, such a purchase involves many surprises that can be unfavourable. In order to avoid the risks that can lead to your loss, it is essential to consider some tips.

The choice of model

Even if you have fallen in love with a particular model, this is not enough to make a purchase. It is essential to check whether the type of motorbike is exactly right for you. Take into account the advantages and disadvantages that the motorbike can offer you. No fact should be underestimated. Moreover, such a machine loses some of its value when it is second-hand. Don’t be fooled by experienced charlatans who will offer you a high price. You will probably find a good price elsewhere.

A trouble-free bike

Buying a second-hand motorbike can cause a lot of problems when not all the checks are done properly. The motorbike may be cheap, but the price can carry a lot of risk. Before you make your purchase, checking is a really crucial step. As a result of previous use, mechanical problems may already exist. To avoid unnecessary expense when buying a bike, it is useful to test it. Brakes, tyres, cables, … every detail must be taken into account. If the seller does not allow you to take the product for a ride, look elsewhere. This categorical refusal can probably be explained by a malfunction that he wants to hide from you in order to make the sale. You should therefore remain precautious during your search. It is better to return home empty-handed than to purchase a motorbike that will fail you in a week.

Checking the papers

When it comes to second-hand motorbikes, the paperwork should be of paramount importance to the buyer. This procedure will help you to know if the bike has not been stolen. After this check, you can be sure that the seller and the owner are the same person. Asking for all the information can be useful. Make sure that the motorbike in question is not an object that is used as collateral with financial institutions. In this kind of situation, you should never take risks. Rushing will not benefit you. You will even risk a big loss if you are in too much of a hurry to buy.

Winterization does not mean that you should not ride your motorbike at all during the winter. There are times when you have to take your motorbike out of the garage and get on the road despite the cold, snow and ice. However, this should not be done indiscriminately. You should take the necessary precautions before riding your motorbike in winter.

Maintenance of your motorcycle

Motorbike maintenance is essential during the winter season. For example, you should make sure that your motorcycle is kept dry in the garage to avoid rust. It is necessary to cover it with a special polycotton cover to protect the engine from dust and also from the humidity that can eat away at the motorbike from the inside. In winter, motorcyclists must take precautions, especially when it is time to take the machine out of the garage. First of all, you must make sure that the bike is ready for winter riding. This means keeping the tyre pressure at the normal level, i.e., as specified by the manufacturer. The battery should always be well charged. The chains should be greased and the braking system should be in good working order. Warm up the motorbike well before taking it out of the garage.

Necessary equipment for the motorcyclist

The cold is the biker’s enemy. In order to avoid numbness and loss of reflexes when riding a motorbike, you should wear the right equipment to maintain your riding skills during the cold season. This is a good precaution for winter motorcycling. Among the necessary accessories are a helmet with an anti-fog system, a balaclava, a neck strap with a bib, leather jacket and special winter trousers or a biker suit, gloves and thermal socks, as well as ankle boots that go up to the legs.

How to ride on the road

As a precautionary measure in winter motorcycling, make sure that your motorcycle jacket and trousers or motorcycle suit are equipped with fluorescent and reflective strips for better visibility. Low beam headlights should be on at all times. In case of fog, the motorcyclist is entitled to switch on the long-range lights. It is advisable to ride at moderate speed, around 70 km/h, sometimes even 50 km/h on slippery and dangerous roads. It is necessary to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. If you have to brake, it is important to do so gently to avoid falls.

Riding a motorbike requires more attention than driving a car, as it uses the same lanes as the car. Surprisingly, motorbike riding on the motorway is statistically safer than driving on the road, especially as there are no cars coming from the opposite direction. However, there are a few rules to follow.

Nothing beats good preparation

A long motorbike journey on a motorway is an excellent idea, but you must first know your route. Memorise the exits so as not to prolong the journey, think about the necessary papers for tolls, for example, and the petrol stations for refuelling. Take a map, or even a GPS, especially if it is your first time. You should also be aware of the weather conditions. Most importantly, take the time to check your bike before you set off.

Stay visible in all circumstances

Motorbike headlights should always be on when riding, but this is only essential when riding on the motorway. Whether it’s day or night, stay as visible as possible with a waistcoat, armband, backpack or any other fluorescent-coloured clothing. More light at night would not be a bad idea, like a lighted helmet for example. Weather conditions can change, so take your waterproof clothing with you. Keep the good reflex of riding in the middle of the motorway and not on the right, you will be more visible and it will force motorists to move to the left to be able to overtake you. Also, if possible, ride in a group, you will occupy a larger space, and therefore maintain good visibility.

Think ahead

Plan several stops to take a short break, at petrol stations or elsewhere. This will give the engine time to rest, and you time to relax. Driving for a long time can be quite tiring, and you need to let go of the stress at some point. No matter how good your motorbike is, always remember that a breakdown is always possible. Take along the tools (spark plug spanner with spare plugs, screwdriver, pliers, spanners…), and why not even the toolbox if possible, to be prepared. To avoid running out of fuel, ride at a constant speed so as not to waste fuel unnecessarily.

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